Caribbean Airlines engage Toucan to create and run Online Contest

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The science of advertising hardly seems to be a precise one, but the goal, which is always clear, is proof positive that it is: engage the target so they feel a kinship with the brand which inspires them to choose your product over everyone else’s.

With this in mind, Toucan approached the region’s premier airline, Caribbean Airlines, with a strategy that would do just that. The plan was simple but virtually groundbreaking in the region: encourage members of the public to elect themselves to be the spokes models of Caribbean Airlines and allow the same public to vote for the personalities they connected with the best.

Caribbean Airlines went a step further, enlisting a panel of industry-respected judges, including Peter Elias, Calvin French and Wendy Fitzwilliam among others, who would also have a say in the decision making process.

The exercise simultaneously empowers Caribbean Airlines’ passengers and client base while indirectly exposing them to Caribbean Airlines’ advertising messages and promotions and catalyzing them into action.

Harnessing the tangible value of star power, as well as the prevalence and popularity of social networking sites and blogs enhances the marketability of the approach, with endless possibilities for spin-offs from the original creative concept.

The campaign will run until the end of August 2009.

Empowering your target can breathe new life and energy into your brand.

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