Why the customer must be the centre of all Digital Decisions.

Too often, companies forget their purpose and stray away from the ultimate goal. We exist to provide the best product for our customers. This might seem obvious, however, as companies focus on the product, latest technology or industry trends, we forget to ask ourselves one simple question. How does this add value to our customer? It could be a fantastic idea, but if it doesn’t add value, is it necessary?

Firstly, it’s important to know our market. This might sound obvious, but the best way to offer what a customer needs is to understand what makes up your target audience, we can use data to do the heavy lifting here. This can’t only exist in a digital space, this must exist throughout the organization. From manufacturing, design, online customer experience and customer service. With the wealth of information available to marketers, especially digital marketers like Toucan, we are able to recognize market trends, changes in behaviors and patterns by your customers. This information can then be used “upstream” to supplement better customer service, product design and sales.

As marketers, one of our main goals is to put the right message in front of the right customer at the right time, usually right before a purchase decision. Through digital marketing, we can identify this customer and with market trends we can determine the appropriate time.

The more content we produce, the more our viewers and customers consume it. However, there is an art to creating content that is applicable to your customer. The type of content, the platform and even the time it is delivered is key to that content’s performance. Just as you are reading this, it has been created and targeted toward you. Yes, that’s right! As I am typing this, I am tailoring my words for you. Without appropriate execution, it’s just…white noise.

Next we move onto your customer support team. Toucan employs the finest customer support representatives, they embody your brand and are experts in your product. Everyday, hundreds of customers/fans/people come online to vent about, praise or make suggestions to your brand. Having an experienced team that can answer questions, defuse online arguments and provide support is one of the most valuable customer experiences. It gives your company a strong backbone in a digital space. Therefore, we train our customer experience team in every aspect of your brand and company. This allows them to represent your brand just as you would and you can sleep easy knowing there is someone giving customers a positive experience.

Collaboration and a streamlined experience is what makes our team unique. Social media has grown into complete divisions at various agencies. We specialize in digital tools and use the latest software and tools to manage all your social media profiles/platforms. This allows us to assign our team with the appropriate tasks that ensure every campaign is successful, measurable and most importantly can convert every dollar spent online into sales dollars. We divide and conquer as everyone understands their skillset and contribute differently for the overall success of the team.

Finally, what can we do with all this information and training? In this day and age, “Fake it, til you make it” is no longer an option. The wealth of information available lets us set goals for your brand. If you want to grow a follower base, reduce response times or even increase engagement, we can help provide valuable achievable goals. This does not mean we are playing it “safe” as every team needs a north star. Something to guide and something that inspires. Therefore, we find balance in creating achievable goals as well as strategic visions that help guide us toward our ultimate mission.