Since Digicel’s birthday in 2001, they have proven themselves as the number one telecommunications network in the Caribbean. With their offices stretching to the shores of Fiji, Suriname and Vanuatu, Digicel has quickly established themselves as a global contender, and with their engagement of Toucan to incorporate online social media into their strategy, Digicel Trinidad & Tobago is about to define what competition really means.

Digicel has always maintained that it supports local culture and whatever market they penetrate, they make a concerted effort to reach the consumer through various strategies, whether it is sport, dance or a high school talent show. One major strategy that Digicel has decided to invest in combines the number one festival in the world with new Eye-Fi technology.

Photos that were taken at popular Carnival events and automatically sent to Digicel’s facebook page at www.facebook.com/digiceltt . In order to create more buzz around the venture, Toucan got Digicel to introduce an online competition whereby members of the public where encouraged to find their photos on their fan page tag them and get their friends to “like” them. The persons with the most “likes” won Digicel merchandise and free credit.

The result of this venture not only increased Digicel’s brand awareness, but they also gained tremendous social capital through photos being shared with family and friends. Additionally, the public was so impressed by the initiative that not only did the subjects of the photos become fans of the Digicel Trinidad & Tobago Facebook Fan Page, but so did their respective friends, family and curious by standers. Taking advantage of the hype that was created on their Facebook Fan Page, Digicel contracted Toucan for an entire year to keep the fans satisfied and wanting more.

The mission quickly became one to increase Digicel’s Facebook Fanbase and Toucan was given the creative freedom to develop concepts to do just that. This lead to the creation of Digicel Trivia and Fast Fingers. Fans on Facebook were enticed with free credit giveaways five a day. As expected, the word spread and the fan base increased by over 400%.

Douglas Ames, Managing Director of Toucan, decided to try a new application for the Fan Page titled “Suggest This.” This application allows fans to suggest a particular Facebook Fan Page to friends, while recording the number of people that have been suggested. Thus, an administrator to the page can view statistical data on how many times the page has been suggested and then award the individual who recommended the page the most.

The online element of the current Turn Up De Value Records campaign was born out of the combined efforts of Toucan and OGM Communications… Fans are encouraged to upload their own music video to Digicel Trinidad & Tobago’s Facebook fan page to become the new Turn Up De Value Records star. This was backed by OGM Communications who created various artistes named specifically to support the campaign: Ashwarifree and J.Free were two such artistes to be born out of this initiative. The fans that are uploading their music videos highlighting Digicel and the Turn Up De Value campaign are eligible to win $5,000.00.

Digicel Trinidad & Tobago and Toucan have witnessed the fan page grow to over 30,000 fans between February and April 2010. At what point will the duo decide to call it quits? Hopefully never!