Domineering the alcohol market in Trinidad and Tobago can be a bit of a task. When people are happy to drink bay rum, babash and homemade wine that cost next to nothing, enticing the market to spend money on an alcoholic product may prove a bit difficult, however, Heineken has been able to do just that and to continue their ascent to the #1 beer in Trinidad, they have partnered with Toucan to enter into unchartered territories for the brand.

Facebook is the most popular website in Trinidad & Tobago according to and local internet service providers. With 282,000 local users and a growth rate of 12.5% per month, Toucan saw a perfect opportunity to introduce the dynamic Heineken brand to the world of Facebook advertising and promotions. Says Neil Phillips, Campaign Manager of Heineken at Toucan, “The personnel at Heineken are very receptive, fun and open to ideas. This made conceptualizing and designing that much easier.”

In April 2010, with the help of Toucan, Heineken launched its “Win a trip to Brazil for the Star final” on The competition encourages fans to upload photos/videos of their signature football move/moment to the Heineken Fan Page for a chance to qualify to win a trip to Brazil for two.

The inclusion of is a strategy to increase brand awareness, generate more buzz about Heineken and excite customers about the brand through the competition. So far, it seems to be working! People are becoming fans on Heineken at a rate of approximately 100 per day.