Let me start by saying that at Toucan we refer to our clients as partners. Why? The flux of digital requires us to act quickly. The only way to do that is less talk and more action. This requires a high level of trust with our clients, which means we aren't simply acquaintances, but partners.

We don't have the luxury of time in the digital space. When we're managing the customer experience on behalf of a client and we need to respond quickly. Our partners need to know we're prepared to react as they would, isn't that what a partnership is all about? Acting on behalf of someone else? Reflecting that organization's culture in the execution of our duties? We wholly subscribe to this philosophy.

I'm often told we're pretty expensive. Maybe we are, but we live and breathe service. If one of our partners is up at night worrying then so are we. Whether we're designing a web site or launching an app, we take a personal and professional interest in the project. If it flops we cry with our partners but when it succeeds we celebrate like we're family.

If you're considering making us your partner we'll relish the opportunity to make sure we're marriage material! Thanks for visiting us and we hope to hear from you soon.

"Our partners need to know we're prepared to react as they would, isn't that what being an agency is about?"

How We Work

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our money where its mouth is
Pay for Performance

At Toucan, we're about putting our money where our mouth is, which is why we developed the pay for performance model for our partners. The model involves us risking it all with our partners; for example, we'll invest in the design and execution of a concept that doesn't have data to back it up if we truly believe it's a game changer. We get paid in line with our meeting specific targets, whether it's the number of a visitors' to a web site or the number of leads generated by a Facebook or Google ad. campaign, we believe in sharing the risk with our partners.

The digital media world has the technology to provide real time statistics on what users are doing online, how they're engaging with content and brands, so why not use that technology to really measure our performance as an agency?

A minimum spend is required annually to make the model work and we need to be our partners' agency of record. It's like a marriage when you think about it – all or nothing!

Here's How we Works Account Management

When we get a partner, we take an in-depth look at their organization to determine its needs but also to understand its culture. This allows us to find an Account Manager that's a good fit.

Our Account Managers are hard working individuals who are trained locally and internationally in the latest digital media and advertising trends, but being smart isn't everything. Our people have to have the right attitude or else all the training in the world won't make a difference. This is why at Toucan we don't have a Client Services Director; our Account Management team reports directly to the Managing Director, ensuring that they have access to the top of the management chain to act quickly and to get the experience and confidence required to make informed decisions on behalf of partners on their own.

Creative Process

The Creative team at Toucan is a bit nutty and rightfully so. We need them to be coming up with fresh ideas to compliment our partners' objectives. Each local Toucan has its own creative team lead by a Creative Director. We don't restrict them to working on local projects. It's quite normal for members of each team to pitch in on different projects around the world. The Jamaicans love getting involved in Kenya's projects and vice versa!

We propose an overall strategy based on commercial objectives and have brain storming sessions with focus groups to see if they make sense before pitching to our partners.

Of course, there are times when we have to bring the team back down to reality – but we find a happy medium!

"We get paid in line with our meeting specific targets.."

Teams & Offices


Trinidad & Tobago

Webfx is our alliance partner in Trinidad and Tobago, providing us with business opportunities that leverage our technology and strategic insights with their skills in local project and account management. You can contact them at anytime for immediate service and support.

Douglas Ames Douglas Ames Chief Dishwasher
Revelino Guevara Revelino Guevara Creative Director
Richelle Persad Richelle Persad Account Manager
Richelle Persad Emma Moore Account Executive


Our Jamaica office continues to exceed its targets with more clients becoming partners everyday and our helping to shape the digital landscape in Jamaica. The Jamaica office also has responsibility for servicing clients in Haiti, The Bahamas, the Cayman Islands and Bermuda.

Douglas Ames Devon Hunter General Manager
Revelino Guevara David SykesCreative Director
Richelle Persad Racquel BlakeAccount Manager
"Continues to exceed its target with more clients becoming partners."