Online Banking Campaign, Social Networking and SEO

Republic Bank logo

As one of the region’s strongest and longest standing financial institutions, Republic Bank’s reputation for stability and security is virtually unparalleled. Yet their online presence in no way reflected their dominance in other areas and could have perhaps be described as undersubscribed, at best.

The interactive design team at Toucan was mobilized to re-evaluate Republic’s strategy for its Online Secure ID product, with the goal of creating a web-based banking solution that appealed to Republic’s client base, saving users time and energy.

The exercise was undertaken in two phases, with Toucan first redesigning Republic’s Online ID Secure e-campaign into a more user-friendly one, then creating advertising messages to drive users to the site. Advertising tools such as Google Ad words and FaceBook were employed, in keeping with the tech-conscience personality of the targets and to reflect Republic’s constantly evolving understanding of the media.

The result was a highly interactive Advertising and Marketing campaign that appeals to the different facets of Republic Bank customers, ultimately expanding their base and their potential to attract new clients while re-establishing brand loyalty in their existing portfolio.

Republic bank also wanted to take advantage of tech. tools which track the performance of interactive advertising campaigns and measure return on investment. Toucan setup a system capable of providing Republic with real time results on its online advertising campaigns.

Compared to online advertising, traditional media advertising is like shooting in the dark. A well developed web sites allow advertisers to gather detailed information on who saw an ad, when, in what context, how many times and so on. Better yet, you get this information instantly, allowing you to adjust your ad campaign and make it even more effective. The online community is also more affluent, better educated, younger and more willing to spend money than the population at large – even as more and more people go online.

Remaining current and proactive is an ongoing process that Toucan wholeheartedly subscribes to in its efforts to fuel your success. Visit to redefine your boundaries!