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Republic Bank leads the financial sector in Trinidad & Tobago and the wider English speaking Caribbean. They have successfully launched the Power to Make a Difference and Youth Link Programmes and now, with a mission to reach a wider, younger audience, Republic Bank has partnered with Toucan to create a revolutionary online social networking site for teens. is a new social media site for teens that Toucan has developed to encourage Republic Bank’s Right Start Account members to interact and communicate with one another, play games, blog, share videos, photos and audio files with one another all in one space

The evidence presented by Market Facts & Opinions (MFO) states that Right Starters between the ages of 13 and 19 do not read the press nor listen to the radio. Television attracts their attention but it’s mostly foreign cable T.V. channels where advertising can be expensive and scattered. The Internet is where teenagers are spending their time, making full use of social networking tools which allow them to be heard. The Internet is the right medium to reach current and potential Right Starters. According to Toucan’s Managing Director, Douglas Ames, “Republic bank is the first indigenous bank in the English speaking Caribbean to embrace customers on their level. We see this strategy putting them ahead of the competition by leading innovation.”

This innovation is reflected in Republic Bank’s decision to offer a totally local teen social network as a medium to not only reach their target audience, but also to allow them to express themselves in a safe environment.

This will not prove to be the only benefit to the new RSTeen members. Account holders will also enjoy free in-branch and electronic banking and a personalized membership card that entitles them to a discount at selected merchants throughout the country.

Toucan has designed RSTEEN website to proudly reflect Republic Bank’s motto – The Power of One Serving Many, The Power of Many Serving You.

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