Toucan opens Interactive Advertising Agency in the Caribbean

Social Media Marketing

Dubai, UAE, October 6th 2008: Toucan, an Interactive Advertising Agency based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has begun offering its services in the Caribbean with the opening of offices in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Kingston, Jamaica.

Toucan will offer Caribbean businesses its Interactive Advertising services which include Internet Advertising and Marketing, Web Design and Publishing, Search Engine Optimisation/Marketing, Social Networking & User Generated Content Integration.

The Managing Director of Toucan Limited, Douglas Ames, is hoping to encourage local businesses to use the power of Internet advertising to create a global market place for their products and services, “A lot of businesses in the Caribbean treat their web site like a brochure for their products and services, but they lack a strategy to encourage its use for new business and actually engage with the customers on a social level”, Ames said. Many Internet users spend their time on Facebook, YouTube and other social networking or user content sites but businesses are left trying to figure out how to tap into them. There are also a lot of advertising and revenue generation tools such as Google AdWords and AdSense but there aren’t any local agencies which can say they are certified in their use.

Toucan’s believes the Interactive Advertising market in the Caribbean is underserved. Toucan’s strength lies in its ability to create and manage comprehensive Interactive web campaigns which allow businesses to engage with their consumers. “We will take a boring brochure site and transform it to include aspects of social networking, optimize it for search engine and introduce incentives for the consumer to engage with the business”, says Jamie Ranston, Chief Technology Officer of Toucan based in Kingston.

Internet Advertising allows for Scalability, Hot demographics, its Cost Effective and can provide detailed measurement and tracking. Compared to online advertising, traditional media advertising is like shooting in the dark. Many Web sites allow advertisers to gather detailed information on who saw an ad, when, in what context, how many times and so on. Better yet, you get this information instantly, allowing you to adjust your ad campaign and make it even more effective. The online community is also more affluent, better educated, younger and more willing to spend money than the population at large – even as more and more people go online.

About Toucan

Toucan Limited is an Interactive advertising agency incorporated in Dubai offering advice on Internet Advertising, Online Consumer Engagement, Web Design & Publishing, Search Engine Optimisation and overall campaign management to businesses in emerging markets.